Tastefit Stevia Blend

Tastefit is a unique low-dose Stevia sweetener with an advanced natural flavor enhancer.

Available Certifications

Kosher Halal USDA Organic Certified

Third Party Audits


Supports Clean Label Claims

Non-GMO Kosher Halal Hyperallergenic Gluten-Free Organic
Flavor Enhancers Sweeteners

Ingvia Tastefit is not only a low-dose stevia sweetener, but also Ingia's most advanced natural flavor enhancer. IngviaⓇ Tastefit is uniquely designed to optimize sweetness quality, adjust flavor and release flavor synergistic effects. The product also allows a "natural flavor" label statement. Ingvia Tastefit can be used to provide a great temporal sweetness similar to that of sucrose in many applications.

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