Expert Personnel

As a technology and innovation centric company, the abilities of our core team determines our developmental ceiling. INGIA is proud to have a group of outstanding leaders!

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INGIA's core team includes more than 20 R&D and technical personnel made up of experts and technical teams in the fields of enzyme engineering, fermentation engineering, molecular biology and chemistry, materials science, pharmacy, and engineering. 

Meet Our Team

Our Leadership

Wang Yong
Chief Scientist

Deputiy Director of the Synthetic Biology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Postdoc of MIT

Hua Jun
Chairman and General Manager

Nearly 40 years in natural products and Founded Sichuan Ingia in 2015.

Our Scientists

Ximing Chen
Expert in Strain Construction

Doctor of Lanzhou University Visiting Scholar of Swanea University, UK

Xiaofeng Zhu
Expert in Enzyme Function Modification

Doctor of Strathclyde University, UK Professor of College of Live Sciences, Sichuan University

Xinrong Wang
Expert in Fermentation Management

Director of Microbial Medicine Laboratory of Sichuan Anti-Institute Drug Evaluation Expert of China Food and Drug Administration

Dan Wang
Expert in Process Control

Doctor of Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences Expert in the Field of Biochemistry and Synthetic Biology Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Chongqing University

CN Liao
Well-Known Recipe Expert

Expert in sweetener application, Postdoc 35 years of Experience at Johnson & Johnson Rich Leadership Experience in Healthy Functional Food Development

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INGIA is dedicated to developing the greenest extraction methods and technologies.



INGIA uses a unique system incorporating both extraction and biosynthesis.


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