Our team has been practicing stevia seed selection and seedling breeding since 2006.


INGIA extracts stevia glycosides without organic solvents, making the production process greener.


INGIA leverages IP to bio-convert more-common, less-desirable glycosides into less-common, more desirable glycosides.

INGIA Is Leading Technology

Traditional natural extraction technology has been used for many years, but there are still several problems with the technology: 

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Bioconversion Is The Solution

It can be used to re-engineer fungi or bacteria (commonly used saccharomyces cerevisiae and Escherichia coli) at the molecular level to create genetically engineered strains with specific or unnatural functions. 

This engineered strain can produce the required components directionally through microbial fermentation after the required target components are generated through metabolism, thus skipping the planting process of raw materials and subverting the traditional extraction process. 

As the leader in synthetic biotechnology, INGIA has established a world-leading production platform and research and development system covering efficient engineering of bacteria construction, microbial metabolism regulation and optimization, efficient biotransformation/fermentation, and separation and purification. Based on the original solvent-free separation & purification technology, INGIA has produced Stevia Sweeteners without organic solvents, making the production process greener and aligning our carbon neutrality development philosophy. 

Innovation In Purification and Seperation

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INGIA is dedicated to developing the greenest extraction methods and technologies.